Our Story

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In 1993, Mrs. Billie Rees West met Dr. Charles E. Bagwell, Chief Pediatric Surgeon at Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems. Discovering they shared a passion to improve the quality and availability of healthcare for children throughout the world, they decided to combine their talents and drive and created Childrens Medical Services International (CMSI).  For the next twenty years, Dr. Bagwell and Billie Rees devoted their immense energy and talents to improving the healthcare of children in developing countries. Following the passing of Mrs. West in 2013, Dr. Bagwell continues to be the guiding force of vision and leadership so necessary for this charity to be successful.

CMSI accomplishes its mission by identifying the need for medical services, supplies, and equipment.  We facilitate, procure, and deliver these vital components to the providers in need. CMSI relies on the talents of dedicated volunteer surgeons, clinicians, mental heath workers, technicians, and other pediatric specialists. The equipment and services coordinated through CMSI, while taken for granted by many in the United States, make a tremendous difference to the health of children in other parts of the world.  The contributions that you make possible save lives every day.

All contributions made to CMSI are devoted entirely to children’s healthcare.  Everyone at CMSI contributes their efforts for no compensation.